PTPI in Switzerland

In the 1970-ies a few enthusiastic people around Elisabeth Stierli founded PTPI Switzerland. Around 1980 Dr. Otto Zimmermann became President of PTPI Chapter Switzerland and his successor in 1987 was Regina Wälti. This Chapter was chartered but this document has gone missing. In the 1980-ies Dr. Otto Zimmermann started to split-up the all Swiss Chapter into Sub-Chapters that the hosting of international visitors could be concentrated per region in the country. Around 1985 the Sub-Chapter Bern was formally organized under Regina Wälti followed around 1987 by the subsequent formation of the Sub-Chapters Zürich under Robert Weil, Lucerne under Ruth Weber and St.Gallen under Dr. Heiner Huber. But these were only agreements within the country under the President of PTPI Switzerland, Dr. Otto Zimmermann succeeded in 1987 by Regina Wälti. There was no international registration and recognition thus no PTPI charters of these Sub-Chapters but they had most of the independent chapter authority and functioned quite autonomous with various activities.

In spring 1996 at the Annual Meeting of PTPI Switzerland it was democratically decided to dissolve this country organisation and continue with fully independent Chapters Bern, Luzern, Zürich and new Interlaken because Ernest and Regina Wälti had moved there. For all these Chapters the official hand signed and gold star sealed PTPI Charter had been ordered at HQ in Kansas City. These documents and some awards for long serving board members were presented at the meeting in Bern on 16 March 1996 thus this is the Chapter founding date.

As PTPI Switzerland ceased to exist it was succeeded by an annual All Swiss PTPI Chapter Meeting. The PTPI Chapters in alphabetical order Bern, Interlaken and Zürich are organizing this annual all day event on a Saturday in August. International participation and worldwide PR lead to this «Swiss Model» being adopted in many other countries.

Due to lack of willing and committed board members the PTPI Chapter Lucerne hat to be dissolved in 2004 but Bern, Interlaken and Zürich continue to be quite active. Other Pioneers of PTPI in Switzerland with mostly many years service in some board position are Felix Engler, Otto Burri, Lucy Troxler, Silvio Bucher, Daniel Schaubacher, Sylvia von Bonstetten, Christian + Milou Obrecht, Klaus + Lotti Mazenauer, and many others.