Due to the worldwide network of People To People International PTPI human beings of all diverse countries and cultures can get to know each other closer during Homestays of 3-5 days and nights with Hostfamilies. The guests are intimately learning about the local habits and customs, opinions and family life. This family setting affords the guests a very personal impression of people, culture and country which is quite different than the common touristic presentations.

The Swiss Hostfamily receives and accommodates the guest(s) without any compensation. Important are open mindedness, cordiality and pleasure on contacts with different kinds of human beings and cultures. The guest(s) should simply and without any privileges be integrated into the daily family life. Homestays are quite unique cultural experiences affording every host family an opportunity for better understanding amongst people and nations which quite often leads to friendships for life.

Due to the worldwide network of around 80’000 PTPI members our local members and host families may be accommodated for Homestays in many countries. Are you interested? If yes, please contact us for further information.